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Honored by the CEO of Impact Investment Ayuk Ako-Achere and the chief of IRAD EKONA Dr Kole Justin, it could be out rightly highlighted that HIBMAT as the best business school in Africa has once again stood tall and defended her course for true professionalism and excellence! With the great wealth of experience gained by both guest speakers on entrepreneurship, finance, project writing and execution, the workshop was indeed a gold mine to dig up resources for capacity building and empowerment.

As a tradition,HIBMAT has upheld the principal goal of empowering her students towards professionalism through symposium programs, intellectual exchange and networking with actual professionals already in the job market and business world to come enlighten the students from their personal experiences and real challenges encountered, to better prepare their minds on what lies ahead.

Ayuk Ako-Achere delivered a laudable and extensive discourse on professionalism, entrepreneurship and finance.From his experiences in Harvard,Oxford and other international organizations abroad, he laid emphasis on the definition of professionalism being intertwined with the discovery of one’s identity and purpose.In his wise words he said “a true professional should begin by knowing who he is first before knowing what he has been called to do”. He believes knowing who you are as a professional, can enable you identify your path and area of passion to be effective in.He also talked on developing problem-solving abilities as a professional when faced with challenges…Ayuk Ako-Achere went further to inspire the students towards optimism even in the midst of failure as he defined failure as “the feedback mechanism you exhale or profess when you encounter a challenge”, which explains his concept of failure as “subjective”.

Proceeding with the next guest speaker Dr Kole Justin, he was very practical and dynamic in his discourse with a good sense of humor…Thus engaging the students in a more interactive session as they asked questions.Dr Kole stressed on project writing and execution ,giving the students clear-cut guide on how to achieve a successful projects bearing in mind self evaluation on productivity and discipline on accomplishing set goals.He was quite categorical and allegorical in his delivery ,which made his discourse relatable to the students.

Reflecting on the cheer from the President of HIBMAT, self fulfillment can be characterized as an understatement.It was indeed a very  rich workshop to learn, network and build.All this could not have been possible without the efforts put in by the President/CEO of HIBMAT Jude Chilaka with his  sole aim of producing the best professionals worldwide and giving them a sense of responsibility.

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