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The founders of HIBMAT constitute those who came together, with a common vision to create a professional Higher Institute of learning where young Cameroonians will be trained as professional Accountants, Bankers, Managers, Engineers to feed the need of the Cameroonian economy.


  • i. Board of Directors: The highest body of the Higher Institute is the Board of Directors. This Board is the highest policy organ of the Higher Institute . Its chairman is the official head of the institution and undersigns all degrees, diplomas and certificates issued by the university. The Board will be constituted by an internal memo to be issued by the founding body.
  • President of HIBMAT: The President functions as the head of the institution and manages the day-to-day running of the institution. The Rector, The Registrar, The Director of Administration, The Marketing Director, The IT coordinator, The Dean of Studies, The Administrative assistants and the Accountant of the institution are directly answerable to the Director. The President reports to the Board of Directors.